Meret’s Quilt


There is a baby girl named Meret. When I first heard about her, she was still baking in her momma’s oven. Baking time allowed enough months to sew my first baby quilt. I envisioned a baby quilt with an abstract vintage circus design. I was thinking of floating elongated diamonds in a field of white. I wanted the diamonds made up of four different color triangles. To give it the vintage feel I would use Aunt Grace fabrics. I love Aunt Grace. As most of my plans go, as soon as I started working, things shifted. I started to experiment with different patterns using the triangle. I had never worked with triangles before. Pattern possibilities seemed endless. I worked in rows, learning as I went. After all the rows were completed, I sewed them together in a way that made sense to me. To give it extra whimsy, I quilted it with rows of free motion curly cues. 

Published by jenniferquilting

A few years back my sister-in-law got me started on my first quilt. Ever since then I have been hooked in a big way. Quilting was always an idea that I was attracted to, but hadn't taken the time to dive into. The process takes me to that meditative place that art can bring into your life. I've always been a maker. Making is an important part of life.

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