I was lucky to go to middle school when they had classes like sewing, and wood shop. I was a maker from the early years. My favorite section of the toy store was the crafting kit aisle. In middle I had classes like sewing, and wood shop. My parents stressed the importance of knowing how to make things as way of taking care of oneself.

My first sewing projects in school were a tote bag, and a skirt. I can remember shopping at the fabric store with my mom to get all the supplies. I was so excited. I remember wearing my skirt to school for the first time. I was at the bus stop waiting for the bus. One of my friends told me she could tell I had made my skirt. The fabric was off white and blue gingham fabric. She pointed out that my lace hem was white. I should have used an off white lace. It hadn’t occurred to me. I was a little hurt, but tried to pretend I was fine with it.

Since then, I have embraced my flaws.  The art of quilting has given me an outlet to celebrate all that is imperfect. My sewing sends me on adventures through stitches that always surprise me. I might have a basic design in mind, but the ideas shift as I sew. I teeter between a preconceived idea and sewing intuitively. Every quilt I work shows me something new. They art that has the capabilities to nurture my soul, and nurture others.

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