Bob’s Quilt


Bob is a long time family friend. His house is located at the beginning of the road that takes you to the neighborhood I grew up in, and the house where my mother lives. After my dad passed away, Bob would come over and help my mom out, and visit. They became good friends. Bob became part of our family.

When I started his quilt I was thinking about the Gee’s Bend quilt show I had recently been to. I saw the show a few years past, and wished to quilt back then, but quilting seemed more like something other people did. At that time I had recently finished my MFA in printmaking, and felt that I need to focus on pursuing that. Crafting a quilt would be avoiding doing what I was supposed to be doing. Also, back then, craft was seen as lesser. Not by me, but I was on a confusing path. Seeing the show again with two quilts under my belt was a different experience. It was inspiring. It made me feel comfortable with my flaws. It made me feel like I was doing what I was suppose to be doing.

I love the big bold shapes in the Gee’s Bend quilts. I wanted to do something like that for Bob. My color choices came from the colors that are in his house. I took the same colors I used on the front and decided to do another configuration of rectangles on the back. I’m equally satisfied with both sides.

Bob was so happy with his new quilt, and I was so happy to give it to him.

Published by jenniferquilting

A few years back my sister-in-law got me started on my first quilt. Ever since then I have been hooked in a big way. Quilting was always an idea that I was attracted to, but hadn't taken the time to dive into. The process takes me to that meditative place that art can bring into your life. I've always been a maker. Making is an important part of life.

One thought on “Bob’s Quilt

  1. I like it. My mom (who is not a quilter but also not an artist) never misses an opportunity to say that quilting is a CRAFT, not art. I hardly know what point she is making, because she just crochets, and she doesn’t even weave in her ends, for pete’s sake.


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