Sew Corner

Making Progress
Making Progress

My sewing corner is feeling more like a special place. I had a quilt top that belonged to my husband’s granny on the wall. It was covering up a wall that needed to be painted. It never really looked that great. As time passed it started to look worse than the wall. I painted the wall in a flat white, and the table and chair in a gloss white.  My husband and I had an idea to hang antique medicine cabinets in the bathroom. We found our first one. When we got it home it didn’t work at all in the bathroom. I finally hung it in my sewing space. I use it as a thread box, and I love it. I hung up some of my mother’s paintings around it. Now I have to fix the area you can’t see in the photo. I don’t think it will take to much time to finish it all up.

What a Mess

The table before and after I painted it.

My husband and I are both lucky enough to have large studio work spaces, but I prefer to sew in a small corner of our house. It makes me feel cozy.  The other day I thought it might be nice to post about my project that I am working on with a picture of my workspace. When I looked at the photo I realized how bad my corner of the house looked. It was time for a sewing space makeover. It’s going to take me more than one weekend to get things looking pretty, but happy with my start. I made the table I sew on when I was in college. I liked working in the wood shop in my free time. I never put a finish on the table because I could never decided on a stain. A little paint can make a big difference. I need another weekend or two to finish getting it to how I want it to be, but feeling better about it already. More photos to come.

I finished Jolene, and she is for sale.


When I first decided that I would try to sell Jolene, I thought maybe $500.00. As I continued to hand appliquéd the price went up. I feel $700.00 is a good price for this lovely lady. She is a real heirloom. Jolene has lots of love sewn into her many colors. She fits over the top of a queen size bed, but not hanging over the sides. Her dimensions are 64″ x 80″. I sew with only 100% cotton fabrics, and 100% natural cotton batting. She is for sale now, but I would like to enter her into the Tennessee State Fair. I can’t think of a more appropriate place to show her off.

Back Fabric

Quilting While Away


I belong to the Music City Modern Quilt Guild. A few meetings back we had a how to sew hexagons workshop. We were all making a preplanned project. As usual, I had my own ideas. After finishing the Jolene quilt top, I wanted to take a break from handwork. I’m away from my sewing machine for a couple of weeks. I had to leave Jolene at home. I needed a project to work on during my downtimes while I’m away. I’m back to handwork. I’m working on my hexagons. I’m going to use them as a border. The center panel will be another appliqué. One of the fabrics I am using for the hexagons has a print that includes a man and a woman hiking. I want to use them as part of the center design. I want this to be a camping quilt. I was just visiting a friend who had a cute little camper. I think I will include that camper in the narrative.

She’s Getting There


I’ve finished the machine piecing. Dolly will fit over a queen size bed. I’m almost finished with the hand appliqué. All the letters, vines, flowers and leaves have been appliquéd with a variegated thread. I like how it looks if you look closely at the stitches. After I finish the vines and flowers, I will go back to the nose. I think I will make a few more adjustments on Dolly before I begin quilting. I have ideas for two more quilts. Although I am happy with what I am working on, I am looking forward to starting new projects. I think I will start both ideas at the same time. One will be similar to this one in format. The other one will be based off a sketch from one of my husband’s sketchbooks. It’s time for something a little different.