Shades of White

Whitewashed Farmhouse
Whitewashed Farmhouse

My husband and I were driving from Nashville to Chicago a couple of weeks ago. The colors of the open farmlands against the sky inspired me. I wished I could get closer to the whitewashed farmhouses. I took pictures from the car window knowing that somehow I would use the colors in a quilt.

Today, I started to pin together the striped quilt that I just finished. This evening I started another quilt top. I’m working again with stripes. This time using the influence from the whitewashed farmhouses from Illinois, I’m working with varying whites. This is a challenge for me. I love color. I have wanted to work more with white space, but all white would have never entered my mind before. I have barely started. I’m not all the way convinced. I may end up add the color of the farmland and the sky.

Published by jenniferquilting

A few years back my sister-in-law got me started on my first quilt. Ever since then I have been hooked in a big way. Quilting was always an idea that I was attracted to, but hadn't taken the time to dive into. The process takes me to that meditative place that art can bring into your life. I've always been a maker. Making is an important part of life.

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