Planning Period 

I’ve been challenged by a commission to do a t-shirt quilt. The shirts are from Irish dance competitions. I’m trying to branch out of a grid. I thought Celtic knots. I’m putting lots of sketching time into this. I thought I had it till I took a closer look at my husband’s bookmarker. Now, I’mContinue reading “Planning Period “

White Wedding

I almost cut up this quilt top, and started over. I wanted to add more color. I was only half way through, and wasn’t used to working without color. Because of the encouragement of a friend, I decided to keep going. I like it so much more now. There are touches of light colors, butContinue reading “White Wedding”


I started this quilt with the idea of large irregular rectangle shapes. That idea morphed into large red circles with a white background. That morphed into using what I had to make something between the two ideas. I can’t remember how I ended up with stripes, but I got into it. I’m not the quilterContinue reading “Finished”


My husband and I were driving from Nashville to Chicago a couple of weeks ago. The colors of the open farmlands against the sky inspired me. I wished I could get closer to the whitewashed farmhouses. I took pictures from the car window knowing that somehow I would use the colors in a quilt. Today,Continue reading “White”

Quilt Top

Feels like fall is officially here. Although the sun was out, it was a bit chilly. It was the perfect day to sew. I finished this quilt top. It’s made up of approximately 1” strips of my scrap quilting fabrics. It will fit over a queen size bed, but won’t hang over the sides veryContinue reading “Quilt Top”

Pretty Much Done

I have one more of my mom’s paintings to hang. The metal cabinets are too heavy to hang on the wall. I need to find something else to put them on. That might take a few weekends of antique/thrift shopping to find the perfect thing. For now, a broken chair will work. I think it’sContinue reading “Pretty Much Done”

Trying to get back to it.

It’s been a busy summer. I’m currently reconnecting with my sewing machine. I’m finally pinning together my Dolly quilt. I’m making myself a new bag.  Plans for a machine pieced quilt are in the works. Should have something worth photographing soon. In the meantime, I’m trying to keep myself from getting distracted by my newContinue reading “Trying to get back to it.”