Trying to get back to it.

It’s been a busy summer. I’m currently reconnecting with my sewing machine. I’m finally pinning together my Dolly quilt. I’m making myself a new bag.  Plans for a machine pieced quilt are in the works. Should have something worth photographing soon. In the meantime, I’m trying to keep myself from getting distracted by my new kitten. 11721369_1604588236463270_766216537_n

Published by jenniferquilting

A few years back my sister-in-law got me started on my first quilt. Ever since then I have been hooked in a big way. Quilting was always an idea that I was attracted to, but hadn't taken the time to dive into. The process takes me to that meditative place that art can bring into your life. I've always been a maker. Making is an important part of life.

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